Ferencz, Fodor T., Kun & Partners Labour Lawyers

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Our legal praxis is based on a team of three experts, the leader of which is Dr. Gábor T. Fodor, being an acknowledged specialist in the field of Hungarian and international labour law as well. Although our praxis is basically labour law-oriented, we are at our Clients’ disposal regarding various fields of law. Our mission is to provide our Clients with a comprehensive legal service from legal counseling to representation on the most efficient level with the highest secrecy.


Our team is adapted to our Clients’ needs at all times. In line with the prompt response, we are proud of the excessively high level of the services we provide. Our aim is to deliver our work to the highest possible standard, always bearing in mind result-orientation, while aiming to find the most optimal solution for each problem. Our entire team has an advanced knowledge of English and German, drafting legal documents in foreign languages is the part of our daily routine.